Woman extraordinaire


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What way to begin my blog than to write about a wonderful woman called Prakash kaur who hails from Punjab India. Salute and big respect for women like Prakash Kaur..she is indeed a real life hero. Imagine being abandonded by your own family because you are a GIRL. Yes that’s what happened to her and to the little angels who she cares for. In many parts of India female babies are abandoned or even worse often killed because everyone wants a son…an heir. Girls are a burden, a nuisance. Parents know they’ll have to spend a fortune on a girls marriage what with the dowry and all….. but a son will earn and no headache of dowry. On the contrary a boy will fetch a good price in the marriage market..so its is a win win proposition. Another important factor is that it is a very done thing for a boys family to humiliate, degrade, disrespect the girls family and they are supposed to take it with folded hands because the have the misfortune of being a girl’s parents after all.

Contrary to what people may think its not like this happens in the lower class or among the uneducated this kind of thinking is very common in the rich and educated section of the society as well. Its just something ingrained in thier minds…..passed on from one generation to the next. The worst thing is that people who think like this are not even apologetic about it. I know of a few people belonging to affluent and well educated families yet they have undergone tests to determine the sex of the baby and God forbid if it was a girl well too bad just get rid of it.   The doctors also feel no guilt or remorse doing such a heinous thing.  It really makes you wonder what kind of morals such people are born with.

Hats of to a woman like Prakash Kaur who restore our faith in humanity. Instead of becoming embittered and angry she choose to embrace kids like her and give them a better life…a better future. Thank you Prakash Kaur for making this world a better place and showing us that you don’t have to be a famous or influential person to do great things. Rather if you have a great spirit you can do something so big and wonderful and make such a big difference in someones lives.

Big salute to u once again


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