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Dubai is indeed a hub of all sorts of happenings and activities. At the behest of a good friend I registered for the SME world summit 2015. Frankly attending corporate events is not something I do at all, but of late I have been broadening my horizons quite a bit and it sounded very interesting so I decided to go and have a look see. After the usual pleasantries and mingling around with the people there over coffee we were told to head to the auditorium as the next session would be starting soon. The session was about


We settled down in the auditorium and after some speeches, two young men were called on the stage. They were introduced as ‘ Mentalists’.  These young men had us in splits with their antics but we were also awed by the tricks they managed to accomplish by sheer mind power. It was quite amazing to realise that the human brain is capable of accomplishing so much. On this note we were introduced to Prof Tony Buzan. Tony Buzan  is a world-renowned inventor of Mind Mapping and expert on the brain, memory, speed reading, creativity and innovation. Among his many  achievements as told to us by the MC he has been nominated for The Nobel Peace Prize, won countless awards from governments, corporations and educational institutions, and has visited 80 countries in his quest to bring about global Mental Literacy. When I heard about his long list of accomplishments I sat straighter in my chair, looking forward to  his speech and I am so glad I attended this session. I came home and I researched Prof Buzan and I was not surprised to read he  has been named as one of the world’s top 5 speakers by Forbes magazine. His clarity of his speech and how beautifully he put across his thoughts was amazing. Quite a few things hit home and I thought about writing this article to share some of the points he put across.

Not just as a business woman but as a woman, and as a mother we can incorporate these few things in our lives and I am sure they will be beneficial to us. Here is the gist of the session explained in the points below.


1. One of the first things he emphasised was that it is important to day dream. In schools it is considered wrong to day dream but he feels differently. According to him, never discourage your child to day dream. In fact, he feels you should day dream, whatever your age. Well not just day dream but then also work towards your dreams. According to him the difference between a genius and non genius is that a genius has a socially and ethically motivated day dream. This he illustrated with a simple example. Why did Addison invent the light bulb? It was because he had a vision to lighten the planet for 24 hours a day. For people to see whenever they wanted to see for eternity, this was his passion, vision and focus. So while it is important to day dream, you have to work hard for it and have precision of focus.


2. He went on to describe how his grades dropped when he went to university. He started working harder to improve, but he just kept getting worse. They say practise makes  perfect but according to him when you practise rubbish you become better only at rubbish. Just because you so something over and over again you wont get better at it. So the worse he got he felt he was getting stuck in a mental swamp. To help himself he decided to visit the library and get a book on how to make the brain work. To his amazement there was no such book. A washing machine, radio even a small pill came with a manual but the most important part of a humans anatomy didn’t have any manual. He then started writing the book for himself, to help him get out of the mental swamp.  Today, Prof Tony Buzan is known as the world-renowned inventor of Mind Mapping and expert on the brain, memory, speed reading, creativity and innovation. To sum it up, its not just about how hard you work, its about doing it right as well. You might start something to bring about a change for yourself but might end up bring about a revolution.

3. Prof Buzan then went on to ask the audience which basic language they spoke in? There were mummers of English, Arabic etc from the people. He said no. Then he asked which is the universal language? Again there were similar murmurs.  I also waited expectantly for the answer. If the universal language was not English what was it? Any guesses? Think again!!

Colours, yes colours and pictures. Colours and pictures are human language. As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words. To demonstrate this he asked us to close our eyes for 20 seconds and think of a banana. When we opened our eyes he asked us how many of us thought of the banana in words. Nobody, of course. Everyone there immediately had the picture of the banana, a yellow coloured banana just the way we see it, in our mind. Food for thought isn’t it.

Often we use black or blue pen to make notes. In other words we make notes or do our work in mono colours. Using mono colour leads to monotony. That is why very often we get bored. We must use colours as much as possible.We must make sure children should use as much colour as possible. Colours inspire creativity. Everywhere colour is used it revitalises. So everything we do should incorporate using as many colours as possible.

4. According to prof Buzan true wealth is not money. Our wealth is our multiple intelligence. Our physical, ethical and social intelligence. We can either develop it or destroy it. He went on to mention a recent study where people of different age groups were given same problems to solve. 95% of preschoolers solved the problem. 75% of primary school kids solved the same problem. Senior school kids percentage dropped to 50%, graduates to 25% and very sadly from the adults just  10% managed to do so. Isn’t that terrible. These statistics are from all over the world and its not surprising that the world is depressed today. This is because we are all told to be “normal”. To behave in a certain way. To toe the line, we are given the wrong formulas and we end up training ourselves to be stupid. Is it a surprise then that we are only using 1% of our cognitive skills. The good news is that we can train our brain to use the 99% that is still there. Developing our brains to do that is our best investment. Its quite heartening to know that tomorrow we are also capable of brilliance if we so desire and influencing others around us to do the same especially where our children are concerned.

5.  Next Prof Busan emphasised the importance of fitness. A healthy body is what results in a healthy mind. To be successful in whatever we do we need a healthy body and healthy mind otherwise we will not have the required energy for our endeavours.

6. To conclude Prof Busan went on to describe the various stages of the revolution of the mind. Information revolution being the current one. In today’s age we have an information overload as we are well aware of. This information overload is causing everyone tremendous stress.  The key in today’s stressful times is to manage well the manager of our knowledge which of course is the brain. This is an age of intelligence, creativity and motivation. According to Prof Buzan we have to develop and find ways to help us think better and more creatively, and reach our full potential.

7. Use mind maps….though out the session Prof Buzan emphasised the use of brain maps. Brain maps are powerful tools and we should use them. It is a way of tapping into the full capacity of the brain to fulfil your potential, peak performance, problem solving and creativity.

It was a privilege and very motivating to hear Prof Buzan speak. I hope you enjoy reading the article as much as I enjoyed writing it.





  1. Hi,

    Article was worth reading it, amazing experiences drafted in beautiful words and examples.

    As a human, with age we are loosing the tendency to learn things,we should keep on adapting the things irrespective of our age to learn new things.

    We should always keep on trying new things so to learn them and lead a quality life. Living example is Mr Amitabh Bachchan. He always does new things which are irrespective of his age.


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