Tête-à-tête with Priya Khanna


When life gives you lemons, what do u do? Some of us may make lemonade, some of us may do nothing but wallow in self pity and some even worse let the sourness and bitterness of the lemons become the way of life. Very few people can even think of doing what Priya Khanna did. She knocked every lemon that tried to touch her out of the park and with the lemons that landed around her she started a lemon juice factory. Yes, that’s the spirit of Priya Khanna a most extraordinary woman that I have the privilege of knowing.
We all tend to and love to play the role of a victim. Can’t say I am not guilty of that myself. We love to blame our circumstances or the people around us for the things that go wrong in our lives. Very rarely have I come across a person who has the guts to say, I am responsible for how my life has turned out, for who I am. Priya Khanna is one of those indomitable women who has the guts to say that every decision she took was hers and she’s ruled her life exactly the way she wanted to. That’s Priya Khanna for you a woman of sheer substance.
Priya Khanna is a very well known Fengshui Master practitioner and consultant, an entrepreneur (she’s the proud owner of Elements Feng Shui) a writer, a healer .. Well the list just goes on. Last but not the least she’s a wonderful mother to her beautiful kids who are both over achievers doing extremely well in their own fields.
I remember the first time I met her, she had come to give our group a talk on DNA activation. Dressed in a gorgeous Sari she looked every inch the suave business woman that she is.
We were all chatting but when she started talking we all just immediately shut up and listened. When Priya Khanna talks her authority and depth of knowledge on the subject makes you just sit up and listen. After that Priya joined us for lunch and she is such an effervescent and charismatic person, we talked her into joining our group and it has been a privilege to be friends with Priya Khanna since then.
Priya Khanna is a celebrity in Dubai. She has been on featured on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. Yet, she is the most wonderful person to be around, sans the airs and condescending attitude. She’s a boisterous and fun loving person who joins in everything we do with a lot of enthusiasm and gusto.
Ever since I have met Priya her commitment to everything she does is a source of inspiration. From a simple lunch at her place to building up a very successful business single handedly or raising her kids so well, Priya Khanna cannot be second best at anything.
A perfectionist to the T…She is one person I know who does everything beautifully and stylishly. She has to be a star even best is probably not good enough for her. Since I have known her, she has not ceased to amaze me every time I have met her. Writing about her has always been on my mind and for that when I went for a tête-à-tête with her, amaze me she did yet again.
To be honest when I had gone for the lunch with Priya, I had gone with certain preconceived ideas, I began my interview by saying that this interview is not about Priya Khanna the big dynamic business person, its about Priya Khanna the woman. Well that’s actually the only question I got around to asking her because from then on I just listened. She’s a person you can’t put in a mould, meeting her was a lesson to me to not try to perceive or presume anything while going on for an interview.
Priya is divorced and when I broached that topic I expected her to go down the blame road or to say she was a victim or something similar but she just related to that part of her life with matter of fact honesty, which I must say I really admired. She then narrated how she almost lost her children in this process and then went to tell me what a fight she put up to get her children who had been taken to India. She went up to the Supreme Court but she made sure her kids were where they belong..right next to her. I couldn’t help but be in awe of the kind of formidable strength she has.
From doing a job to sustain herself and her kids to today a very very successful entrepreneur in her own right, Priya chalked out her life on her own and on her terms. She studied hard while working full time and being a mother. Not once during our conversation did she use the words ” Oh this was hard” or ” Oh this was difficult”. Not even once. Instead she told me how she set goals one after the other and achieved them. One of them was sending her children to the best schools and then top colleges and she did it. As I said all singlehandedly. What I could gather from my conversation with her about how she did all this is one her complete focus on her goals and the second is her absolute clarity of thought.
Another very interesting thing that came up during our conversation was how she was fiercely protective of her space. She does not allow any kind of clutter in her life. Nor does she allow anyone access into her personal space. She said she was very very particular about the sanctity of her house. She said her house is her haven and she would let only a select few people access to her house because people have energies and she could not tolerate any kind of negative energy around her. According to Priya we transfer energies. We meet, we hug, we touch and in the process we transfer energies. These energies are interpreted by the neurotransmitters in our brain and give rise to thoughts. Thoughts are contagious and give rise to emotion. Being the strong woman she was she had no space in her life for negativity or negative emotions. So she made sure only a few people had access to her, her life and her home. Today I can’t agree with her philosophy more. We have to be selective with who we let into our lives. Honestly as the saying goes ”
The less people you chill with, the less bullshit you deal with.”
Older and hopefully wiser I can’t agree more. Keep your circle small but strong is what she recommends and I totally second that. Ultimately it’s your life and your goals you have to set your sights on and that’s more important that anything. Loose focus of that and your so called friends will also deny knowing you.
Contrary to what you might think so far…. Priya is far from being just a serious person. She knows how to let her hair down and party as well. Plus she is a rebel too. When she came to know her mother had joined the same school as a teacher ,she would fail in one subject to let her displeasure known about the same. I find it adorable that she would actually do that to prove that she did not appreciate her mom being in Her school or her territory. She then went on to tell me how no one in her life has told her how or what to do. If she ever came to such a situation she made sure she did exactly what SHE wanted. Never did she cave in.
To conclude this article I’d like to say hat’s off to you Priya Khanna. Kudos to you for having the spirit and strength most people cannot even dream of. For living your life on your terms and making it such a spectacular success.
Hope this article is an inspiration for many women out there who want to make a positive change in their life, for those who are waiting for someone or for the perfect moment or the right circumstances or any other excuse you might be giving your self. To change your life you don’t need to wait for anything or anyone just take a step towards your goal, turn to yourself and you will be surprised at the hidden reserves of strength you will find there. All you need is YOU and to believe in yourself!! Take onus for your life.. Live your life the way you want to.

Here I am adding a few lines by Priya that are so deep, poignant and powerful  I just had to share.

Have you ever wondered what this long life has been for you in the last few years.
Have you done everything you had to do to receive what you wanted to receive?
Did you get whatever that it was you wanted. If yes, do share your secrets with us too.
But if not then just answer one question to yourself. Who is responsible for it. Meaning, who is responsible for what’s happening in your life? Is it the world? Is it God or is it you?
Anyone who gets the answer correctly will know who is the boss in their lives.
I know that I’m the boss of my life because I’m the one who can control whatever I allow into my life.
So from here on I’m taking responsibility for everything, good as well as bad that is happening in my life.
With this one thing sorted, do you realise how many people have I released from their guilt trips in life…… My beautiful mother, who has probably been feeling so bad about how she didn’t do enough to bring me up well.
My husband who thought he was mean to me, my sister who pulled my hair out and threw the bedcover at me every night or my kids who thought they have given me trouble.
Well well everyone here’s your lifetime chutti from all these false allegations placed upon you. Without actually being spoken yet etherically planted. These have been thoughts you all have carried unknowingly.
Have you realised that we are actually living our lives carrying other people’s monkeys on our backs.
So whom so ever the monkeys may belong to, just send them back now and start living your own life from this moment on.
Wishing you all my dear family and friends a very happy and delightful life ahead.
Happy living.
Priya Khanna”


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