Terrorism a curse to humanity!!


The recent terrorist attacks in different parts of the world have us all stunned.Terrorism is a curse to humanity. Many many lives are lost and their families destroyed because of this heinous act. Instead of writing about terrorism (even though I am sure most of us could go on and on about these dastardly acts considering our very strong views on the subject), I would like to send out a prayer for every life lost and hope that terrorism is wiped out from the face of the earth. Here is a  poem I have written about a little boy whose precious life is sniffed out so early in one such ghastly attack.


He hid under a bus, crying so loud his lungs could burst,

Yet, in all the chaos, he couldn’t be heard.

People around him were running helter and skelter,

terrified, scared and looking for some shelter.

There was blood and body parts lied strewn everywhere,

the horrible horrible smell of death, in the air.

Abba, abba he screamed again and again,

no one heard him at all, or felt his pain.

Was it just this early morning, hand in hand,

they had left oh so eagerly  for the bus stand.

Excited to go the city, they had boarded the bus,

Ammi as usual till they left, created a big fuss.

Even as the bus left he heard her shout, be careful Son!!

 he waved bye as he sat in his Baba’s lap and felt the engine run.

He was so happy as the bus moved on the unpaved road,

oblivious to the way the old bus creaked and groaned.

His heart beating hard , a smile on his face,

 his excitement more palpable as the they picked up pace.

He wanted to reach the city, and wished the bus would go faster,

the poor little soul had not an idea of the impending disaster.

Even with all his excitement his eyes grew heavy after a while,

and he though he slept , it was with  a big smile.

He woke when they reached as his father picked him up,

they’d barely taken a few steps and everything around them blew up.

A strong force knocked him against something hard,

and for a while everything just became dark. 

He woke up little later crying and whimpering in pain,

he cried harder when on he saw himself  covered with blood stains. 

Something touched him making him scream in terror,

badly  hurt and covered with blood, it was his father.

Shocked to see his Abba like this he froze, 

he cried and wrapped his arms around him pulling him close.

Both of them lay there tears running down their cheeks holding each other tight

Slowly the blood oozed out and little by little they were loosing the fight 

The little boy kept crying for his mother weakly murmuring Ammi Ammi

His voice grew faint and slowly so did his heartbeat

Clutching each other they died and became part of a statistic

One of  a mere number that would be flashed on every TV screen

Most people would tut tut for a minute and get on with their lives

But the world ended for many  fathers, mothers, husbands and  wives!

Can anyone even begin to fathom their loss and pain??? 

And the worst thing is that it is all oh so so in vain!!


Gurpreet K. Sodhi


































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