RIP Erica Morales


Going through the local newspaper in a coffee shop today morning,I read about a lady Erica Morales who drew international attention after giving birth to three girls and a boy on Thursday…no it was not he fact that she delivered quads that got her into the newspapers everywhere. It was because she died without regaining  consciousness after her c-section. Being a mom myself i was just heartbroken at the thought of a woman dying without being able to hold her little ones in her arms even once and I could feel the tears well up.  

Once I reached home I went on the net wanting to know more. I read about her and my heart goes out to her and her family. I saw an interview of her friend who said she was very eager to get pregnant.  “She and her husband Carlos had been trying to conceive a baby for two years” her friend Todman had been quoted as saying. She also said Morales tried everything from acupuncture to fertility treatments. Morales suffered a miscarriage before becoming pregnant last June with quads. And to think she died without a chance of even looking at them once or holding them is too much for anyone to bear I am sure and I just couldn’t hold back the tears.

I am sorry but I just cannot fathom any reason why anything like this happens. I am actually bewildered right now that life can be so horrific at times. Its just so tragic and makes you feel so small and helpless, like we are mere puppets and our strings can be cut off at any time.

I guess somethings are beyond comprehension and reasoning and even tough i can go on on and about the unfairness of it all, I am too choked with emotion and all there is left to say is RIP Erica Morales. I just hope and pray that the beautiful children you brought in this world do you proud and go on to have a healthy and happy life despite the huge loss they have suffered. God bless.



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