Of Friends and Friendships


Friendship, not just a word

An indescribable feeling ,

A relationship made not of blood

But of hearts connecting,

Miraculously with one another

Hearts that find happiness and solace

In the company of each other.


Often a balm for our tattered souls

And at other times cheering us on

As we try and reach for our goals

Joys when shared doubled

and celebrations made special

Sorrows when discussed halved

And unhappy times made bearable

Such is the power of friendship

It can change your lives 

For the better in the many many ways

That one cannot even try to describe.

-Gupreet Sodhi


If you are smiling after reading this cheesy and corny poem that I have written, well that was just the point to get a smile on your face. My last few posts have been about serious issues and this time I decided to write about something happy and fun. I think there us nothing that makes us happier than doing crazy things with good friends. When you are with friends you let yourself free, you laugh louder, do crazy things and in the process you create memories that will not only have you smiling for days but also the kind you will cherish for a lifetime. Great times spent with wonderful friends make us feel years younger and so much happier.

I remember reading somewhere that even in the stone age humans needed each other to ward off predators and gather food. Man is a social animal and good social relationships are vital to our well being. Friends help us enjoy the everyday moments more and the special moments become grand when we are together thereby improving our happiness. Friends help us to smile brighter, laugh louder, dance wildly or to put it in a nut shell make our lives brighter.

The world has shrunk ,we have all become global citizens. We are living in foreign countries far away from our families. Here friends become the family we choose. The people who we share our worlds with, who irrevocably become a part of our lives. A connection of the hearts that blossoms when we respect, value and care for each other.

Picnics to parties, lunches to impromptu gossip sessions can we do them without friends? And the ladies nights, how can I forget our ladies night outings. Going with the jing bang, sipping on drinks and laughing on inane things, I cannot think of a greater stress buster or  better way to unwind. If we are among acquaintances, we are often left thinking of how to keep the conversation going, but with friends even after spending the entire evening together, you want to stay for five more minutes and those five minutes often turn to an hour because you never run out of things to talk about.  I remember one of my friends was dropping me home after a birthday party and it was about 12:30am. We decided to talk for five minutes and the next thing we know is that it was 2 am. I’ve had many such instances where we’ve completely lost track of time. The most hilarious experience that I’ve had till now was when we were invited to a friend’s house. Me and a few of my friends decided to go together. We reached our friends apartment and the four of us entered the lift, deep in conversation about something. We just kept talking and so engrossed were we in our conversation,none of us realized we had not pressed any button for the lift to move. Twenty minutes later someone called the lift to the  parking and only as the doors opened in the parking we realized what we’d done and we all burst out laughing. It was crazy, we had been standing in a closed lift for twenty minutes just talking non stop. How much we laughed after that. We entered our friends apartment with all our mascaras and eyeliners messed up with the tears from laughing so much. It was actually unbelievable we had done something so crazy. Even today we have such a good laugh when we think about this incident.

Do you reach out for the multivitamins every day, well reach out for good friends too as they may help your life last longer. According to an Australian study conducted by the Centre for Ageing Studies at Flinders University, the study followed nearly 1,500 older people for 10 years. It found that those who had a large network of friends outlived those with the fewest friends by 22%. Close relationships with children and relatives, in contrast, had almost no effect on longevity. Well if that isn’t an incentive to have good friends, I dont know what is.  Psychologists suggest having good supporting friends helps ward of stress. Friends often encourage  us to take better care of ourselves and have a positive effect on our self esteem. That is a win win situation so reach out for your FRIENDTAMINS!!!

At the same time we should never forget that friendship is not only about the good times. Friendship is also a responsibility that we must take seriously. We have  to be there for our friends when they need.  To be there for each other in good times or bad. To take care of each other.  Good friendships are not frivolous, nor are they made in one day. It takes time, effort and respect to build a good friendship and lot of effort to sustain them.  As in other relationships there might be problems but true friends are those who resolve the problems with maturity and emerge as stronger friends.

However, I will end with pinch of bitter reality. There are times when friendships don’t turn out the way we expect. There might be complications but we have to accept the lessons these kind of people teach us and move on. Life is too short to ponder over stressful things. So gracefully distance yourself from anybody who brings negativity into your life. Appreciate and enjoy the friends who bring out the best in you. Be a true friend and love your friends from your heart and you will be surprised at the love and happiness you get in return.


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