Marrying a sea farer



When i came to know I was getting married to a merchant navy officer the idea of sailing on a ship and travelling all over the world was very very appealing. At that time it was more appealing than the idea of marriage itself, being so young I was not to keen to get married and it was perhaps one of the reasons i did get married ;). Well just a few months into my marriage I flew to Houston in the US to join my husband for the first time on his ship. It was a tanker ( ship that carries oil and its name was) M.T (motor tanker) Nebraska. And what a journey its been since then. We travelled almost everywhere and i enjoyed every  minute of it. Most  often people ask me didn’t you get bored being on a ship (where more often than not I was the only lady on board) alone and seeing nothing but water for days and days sometimes? Well absolutely not I enjoyed every minute of it and loved it.  Being on the bridge of the ship with nothing around you and depth unknown written on the chart at the position you are did make me skip my heartbeat a few times but I still loved every minute of it.  Over the years there have been so many incidents and memories which I would love to share with you and i hope you enjoy reading them as much as i am going to enjoy writing about them. It would be wonderful to go down the memory lane and remember wonderful times I have spent onboard the ships.


  1. Lovely article…Sailing on ship has been wonderful. So many interesting experiences. I remember the 1st time I joined, the agents forgot to pick me up… That was scary

    • Thanks Zeba. Oh my God Zeba where was this?? Scary indeed.If there are any interesting experiences you would like to share please let me know.


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