Kamlesh.. the face of an ugly reality


Heard of KAMLESH from Bhopal? No 😳!!! Seriously?? Well u r not a social media junkie then are u? You are a rare species for sure. Congratulations on being that but for other mortal beings Kamlesh is the latest internet sensation. If I’m not a wee bit late… after all in these times we jump from one to the other like lightning. For the unaware Kamlesh is a boy barely 13 years old, who ran away from home because he is a drug addict. Google Kamlesh and you will be beyond surprised at the number of memes and videos you find. He’s all over and I’ve seen kids laughing at these videos.

It’s a sad world we live in. A poor guy who lives on the street, is a ragpicker, a drug addict is a laughing stock. Where have we gone wrong as humans. How can there be memes and funny videos be circulating around of a guy who is on the fast road to death. I really doubt if anyone, not a single human being would have made an effort to track down this kid and help him. I am very certain that has not happened but yes videos are being circulated and how is this even remotely funny baffles me. My heart goes out to this poor child.

This is the harsh reality of India. Sad but true that we have 18 million children who work on the streets of India and of them 400,000 are street children. How can this be justified ? In this day and age we are a Nation where kids don’t get basic education is unaccpetable. For  sure this is one of the root causes of the many many problems that plague our society today. How can we lay the foundation of a orderly and crime free future when such a large number of these children are on the streets, misguided and learning nothing at all. How do we expect to make progress as a nation when the foundation is not right.

The other day I wrote about our PM laying the foundation of a bullet train in Ahemdabad. The money involved is astronomical. How can saving someone’s three hours be more important than educating the youth. As far as I know education is a basic fundamental right. Then how come this has not been implemented till date even after  India getting independence seventy years ago. Sadly no one has ever asked this question and even worse is that the so called leaders of our country have not been held accountable for many such blunders. The educated people of our country who could have asked questions probably didn’t care and the poor people who had no idea about their rights have been too downtrodden to have done much.

Why blame political parties only. It’s our attitude of chalta hai which is to blame. We all have adopted this attitude where if it is not bothering us, we don’t care. If the petrol prices are hiked everyone one will make a hue and cry however if you see a child on the road begging for alms, we’ll just look they other way. How come till today there have been any demands or protest to make sure there are free schools for kids all across India? The right to free education was passed in 2009 but I seriously doubt if it has been more than an eyes wash because the number of kids working  or on the streets  as stated above is a staggering number that can’t be dismissed.

In the news the other day I heard someone on TV say that a popular Guru was gifted a huge sum of money on his birthday by ministers who went especially to wish him. Then another day I read about a celebrity who has gifted another celebrity a gift worth an obscene  amount of money. The funny thing is the person who recieved the gift is more than capable of buying a few of those  himself. These are just examples of the kind of things and the kind of money these politicians and celebrities have. I know I probably have no right to comment on their personal choices but how can it be justified that this kind of money is being spent on what can be called indulgence when there is the kind of poverty we see around us.

The point that I’m trying to make here is that money is there and resources are there for what is considered important but it is so sad that the lives of these poor children are not important enough for strong action to be taken  to steer tbem in the right direction when it should be.

Everyone of us including me who has not made the efforts or protested are responsible too.We have to find a way that kids like Kamlesh don’t land up on the street and be given a chance at living a life of dignity. If that does not happen we as a nation are to be blamed in someway or the other and that should weigh on our conscience… that is if in this day and age we have one.


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