Green tea and berry cooler


Summer’s almost here and I am sure this berry concoction will be a delicious thirst quencher at any party and a perfect drink for hot summer afternoons. Serve chilled in tall glasses garnished with  whole berries and mint.



5 green tea teabags or 3/4 kettle brewed green tea

Mixed berries (half a bowl)

A small piece of ginger

fresh mint leaves


Cranberry juice- one glass

Seven up-1( or an extra lemon and sparkling water)

grated lemon rind about a teaspoon




In a 1/2 a jug of warm water and alllow 5 green tea bags to brew for not more than 4-5 min. Discard the tea bags and allow the water to cool. Muddle some berries, fresh mint and ginger together. Once the water is cool add the berry mix. Add 2 sachets of any sugar free sweetner or alternatively abt 4 tea spoons of sugar. If you are adding sugar do it when the tea is brewing as sugar will be easy to mix in hot water. Now add 1 glass of cranberry juice, one seven up, juice of one lemon and some grated lemon rind as well to the drink. Taste the drink and top of with soda to adjust the sweetness.  If you are not a fan of sodas omit the seven up add juice of another lemon and top up with sparking water. Serve chilled in a tall glass garnished with whole berries and mint


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