For the love of food


peta2-recipe-collageMosy of us love to eat, we all enjoy a good meal.  Its always a pleasure to gather  with friends and family, to share a great time over food and wine. We all look forward to such wonderful times but how many of us look forward to slogging for hours to prepare that meal?? I am sure not too many of us. That’s why takeaways, catering and eating out have become more the norm than a cosy home cooked meal. I often look forward to, to cook, to bake, to eat and to create different food and of course enjoy the praise afterward. However that’s not always the case. There are times when cooking becomes a chore and even deciding what to put on the table for the next meal becomes a big headache. I am sure many of us struggle  to think what we should cook today.

When you think of cooking as a chore it becomes just that and something that needs to be done and over with. They say the mood you cook in has an effect on the people who are eating that food. So cooking should be should be a relaxing and  enjoyable affair.  With so many cuisines out there meal times can become an adventure for the entire family where you  experiment with all kinds of food and cuisines. Involving the kids in the day to day cooking is a not only a very good way to get them away from the tabs and phones but also a great  way to bond together as a family.

I will be sharing lots of recipes in this section…some my own and some i will source from here and there to give you a wide database of delicious lovely recipes that you and your family will enjoy making and eating together


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