First time SHIPhiasco


For our  honeymoon we went to the Andaman and Nicobar islands. On the day we landed it was evening before we settled in and we decided to go for a walk to get acquainted with the place. We had hardly been walking for about fifteen minutes when my husband got very excited. “Look there’s a dry dock…you want to see a ship from inside.” Without waiting for an answer he held me by my wrist and before i know anything he was dragging me into a “prohibited area”. I was asked not to make a sound. Soon we jumped a few fences and zig zagged our way into a ship. It was a small ship and we were on the bridge with my him giving me a hurried but guided tour. As far as I understood the ship was being repaired and it must be OFF. So when my husband was going on about the instruments and all so, I think i got a little bored and pressed of all things the FIRE ALARM. Yup the fire alarm….

I myself got so badly startled by the pandemonium that I unleashed. There was so much noise everywhere.  I looked around to see my husband equally startled!! I was not even supposed to make a sound and here I had the fire alarm of the ship bellowing all around and believe me its not a pleasant sound…thats something I learnt the hard way. What did u do that for he mouthed to me as he grabbed my hand and we made a mad dash for safety. It was that or definitely a visit to the cop station for trespassing!!!

When we caught our breath my husband gave me a funny look and I was mortified. My fingers were crossed hoping he wasn’t thinking he’d married a nincompoop. But being on on your honeymoon has its advantages and  we rather he put it behind him soon(thank God). Even today i can’t forget my shipiasco as i call it and even while writing this today i was laughing so much that my kids actually came to me and were wondering what was so funny. They had a good laugh too. If you have any funny stories about your honey moon do share. Its always wonderful reliving those memories


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