Embarrassing Kids anyone?!!


One morning while driving the kids to school we were listening to #Virginradio as is the norm. God forbid I put any other channel! there’s immediate teenage wrath to face. After dropping the kids i usually change to another channel but yesterday #ChrisFade was talking about him being embarrassed by his little girls and then he went on to ask the listeners to call in and tell how they have been embarrassed by thier kids. I immediately dialled the number and i was put on hold, then Priti came on line and asked me to tell her in 30 seconds how my kids have embarrassed me to which I replied, its a kind of a long story…not something i can tell you in 30 seconds. She again put me on hold but I decided not to go on air because my darling kids have embarrassed so many times I really didn’t know which incident to say on air and I dropped the idea. I kept listening to the show laughing as the listeners recounted the embarrassment their kids caused them. I kept smiling as I drove home listening and remembering the so many ways my dear kids have embarrassed me over the years.

To begin let me write about the embarrasing times usually in the beginning of most of our trips at the check in counter at the airports. Well as I’ve said earlier, I dont believe in travelling light. I used to have this huge suitcase with all sorts of things that I assumed I would need to keep the kids amused on the ship. Story books, educational books, colouring books, puzzles, blocks, clay dough, toys..well i could go on and on and on. As a result most of the time this suit case would be over weight as per the airline standards. So at the check in counter they would invaribly tell me this. Then I would have to open this suit case and another suitcase and maybe another one to shuffle the stuff. At this time my kids would take it upon them to learn everything there is about checking in!!!  So three kids on the loose touching or at least trying to touch everything and asking a hundred questions and three suitcases wide open was actually too much for the airline staff to handle. So,within the next ten minutes when it was obvious to them, I was not getting anywhere much in spite of the shuffling  they would tell me excess baggage or not its fine. They would actually do their best to help me close up and send us on our way without charging me anything for excess baggage either. I’ve gotten away like this quite a few times without paying excess baggage but the glances and looks i got from these people is another story.

Another incident I remember very well is when we were in West Indies. Going a little of track I was really surprised to see how many Biharis there are in the West Indies. In fact there was a radio station dedicated to their music too!

Coming back , I was telling you about the incident that happened in Mc Donalds in Trinidad. With kids a visit to Mcdonalds is always mandatory no matter which country you are in. We were standing in the que waiting to order when suddenly the guy in front of us jumped and looked around and started glaring at me. He was a tall, handsome white guy and I was a bit unnerved to see him glaring at me. I looked away but a minute later when I looked back he was still glaring at me. I asked him if there was a problem? He glared harder and after a few seconds he replied “you don’t know!?” To which I replied I didn’t know what he was talking about.

” Your daughter pinched me!” He said and he looked so upset. I was so mortified. I immediately apologied and made Ria apologize. Later I gave her a good dressing down and asked her why she had done such a thing to which she replied ” He was so fair mom!”  I was rendered quite speechless at the logic. Thankfully she understood what she’d done was wrong  and no more pinching incidents happened.

Then in Singapore I was shopping in the famous Mustafa store and as I was walking out there was loud beeping and the security guy came and checked  the trolley. They found a cordless handset that had not been paid for. They made me wait and then the senior guy came gave me a few dirty looks and after sometime he said to me a bit rudely ” You were trying to take this without paying for it.” I immediately blasted him. I askedhim what good a handset would be for me without the base. He was a bit taken back because that did make sense. I asked the kids if it was thier doing and my youngest one owned up. He had been playing with the phone and then had just dumped it in the trolley,The security guy understood thankfully and let us go.

Another one of them did something like this at one of the airports. In between flights we were doing window shopping and I heard the last call for our flight and as we were running to the flight since it was the last call, my darling daughter took off a pair of sunglasses from her head and gives it to me saying ” Mom I forgot these were on my head” Now I am in a fix what to do. I don’t have time to go back or I will miss my flight nor can I take these sunglasses. I was quite flustered wondering what to do. Luckily there was a customer service desk a little further up. I told them about my daughter talking the glasses by mistake and they told me since the tag was there they would return the glasses to the shop but the looks they gave us made me cringe. I was very very furious with her and she got quite an earful during the flight.

Then there was the time when my darling sunny boy was taking part in a race in his pre school. As the race started all the boys ran and my dear son stood there. I almost went hoarse telling him to run. But he stood there refusing to run. He just did not. I can’t tell u how, just how angry I was. All other kids ran but he didn’t because he didn’t want to. As simple as that.

He hated shorts as a kid but one day I forced him to wear the school shorts and literally picked him up while he was bawling and crying and put him in the school bus. Later his teacher told me it took them an hour and a half and half a dozen teachers to get him out of the bus. He won!! trousers it was. I can laugh about it now but then I threw a fit.

I guess as mothers we all have incidences where our children have made us proud, happy, angry and embarrassed. Motherhood is about all this and more and I am sure all mothers would agree we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The most most embarrassing thing that has ever happened however was when we were traveling from Delhi to Angola. It was the first time the little ones were going on ship and even today when I think back, I am mortified! Seriously mortified!! This is the one that I wanted to share on air but it’s so long that I will have to dedicate an entire post to it. Will be back with that incident in my next post.





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