Doctor or Engineer. …..are you kidding me(Miranda sings style)? [email protected]##


Gone are the days when the obvious career choices for the youngsters were doctors, engineers, bankers or the like. Now the horizons have expanded and kids of the new generation are thinking out of the box. Thats not surprising is it because they have an internet full of choices and role models after all.

Before I write any further, I have to ask you a very pertinent question!! Do you know who #Miranda Sings is???

Oh My God( aka Chandler Bing’s girlfriend Janice) did you just say no? Or even worse did u ask who #Chandler Bing??images (1)

In that case I suggest you go back to knitting or whatever it is that old women do. Sorry but one has to keep abreast of the times. We moms/ aunts/ grand moms have to stick together. We cant let the children get the better of us. In any case kids especially teenagers have a very condescending attitude these days.

Coming back to the topic Doctors, engineers, bankers et all please move aside. There is a new and very lucrative career option thats quite the rage….being a “You tuber” or a “Viner”. Nope, I am not bad at spellings. I dont mean “whiner”. Nor does being a “Viner” have anything to do with grapes or wines.

As the name suggests You tubers are you tube personalities who are popular because of the videos they put on Youtube( how ingenious I know). Miranda Sings, Superwoman…Lily Singh, Ziad AliT are some of the you tubers I know of.

Superwoman Lily Singh is my elder daughter’s favourite and her take on “Brown parents”, their accents and their quirks amuse my kids a lot. See this video to understand what I mean. By the way its a video on how to stop your parents from comparing you to other kids.

This video is  a double whammy  as it also features Miranda Sings about whom I am going to talk about next.  I know Miranda sings because now a days my younger daughter speaks only in Miranda Sings style. She is obsessed with her and her antics. Please watch this video to understand what I go through to hear her speak like that. It grates on my nerves. Its either her speaking like Miranda Sings or its Miranda Sings singing on her computer and believe me its not a pleasant sound.

The other day I called for a cab, when the cabbie called to ask for directions she even spoke to him like that. I could see he was giving me weird looks as I entered the cab and he seemed very relieved when I spoke normally. Can I blame him? Who talks like that??

And Zaid AliT, well he is my son’s favourite. Often he will come to me saying “Mom! mom look at this video. This is so you.” After the video, he will be laughing and I am left very confused whether I should be offended or amused.   Some of Zaid AliT’s videos where he is doing brown mom vs white mom and some with his take on bollywood are quite funny. I am sharing the link of this video where a Pakistani dad is trying to give “THE” talk to his son. You have to watch it, is simply hilarious. 

Coming to Vines, Vines are short(sixty seconds or less) videos that are all over the social media. Viners are people who vine on “vine” (very ingenious again) which is an app that you download on your smart phone. Some popular viners are #Nash Grier, #Cameron Dallas and  #Jerome Jarre (my favorite). These people are the reason our teens sit with their smart phones for hours. At times I look at my kids doing that and give them serious looks wondering if it is my parenting or is it just them that I find them staring into their phones and then suddenly they burst out laughing like they are crazy. They are completely oblivious to me standing there giving them dazed looks. They are too busy laughing at the viners. Here is a compilation of Jerome Jarres vines.

All the funny stuff aside, these are very successful people in their own rights. The have millions of subscribers to their channels and millions of views on their videos. Superwoman Lily singh has a degree in Psychology from York University yet her passion to be an entertainer led her to start her youtube channel in 2010. She has not looked back. She is a motivational speaker and performs stand-up comedy, she raps,she has her own clothing line based on her you tube persona. Talking about Miranda sings in addition to her internet videos, she has performed live comedy acts at cabaret spaces and theatres in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Dublin, Edinburgh and other cities in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Norway and Australia since 2009.She was called “the hottest, freshest and oddest breakout star in the musical theatre/cabaret scene” by She is a multi faceted and multi talented young woman. This can also be said of Zaid AliT who is also very successful at what he’s doing. He has also been offered a role in a bollywood movie. Jerome is an entrepreneur, Vine star and Snapchat star. He is one of the most followed individual on Vine.

These are young people who dared to follow their dreams. They had conviction in what they wanted to do, they felt they were capable of extraordinary success and managed to that.


One of our main jobs as parents is to help our children find their path in life. Encourage them to first dream and then encourage them to chase their dreams and fulfil their potential. My kids are very different from each other. One is in the process of becoming a lawyer. Its just what she wanted to do. The other one has two very diverse career options that she wants to choose from. Either marine biologist or a fashion designer. My son on the other hand is very firm he is going to “make games” when he grows up. Right now he’s a budding you tuber. As a mother I have had endless conversations with my children on the choices they are making. I tell them the pros and cons and then leave it to them. Never have I TOLD them what to do. I want them to follow their hearts and be happy with what they do.

While we have to give firm guidance to our children we have to let them figure out what they want from life, rather than force our opinions or choices on them. At the end of the day we must give them the  confidence to do whatever they want in life, but also make sure they understand that they have to do it to the best of their ability. So whether it is becoming a you tuber, lawyer, marine biologist or anything that my children do I will support them a hundred percent and be the wind beneath their wings.


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