Delicious Wraps


Looking for a perfect and quick homemade meal or an easy snack on the go? Want to use up leftovers, or want a variety to your usual lunch/ dinner routine or perhaps a nice tangy and spicy lunchbox treat. Well think no further, here are some delicious recipes of wraps that you will definitely love. Wraps are very versatile and easy to rustle up. If you are on a diet please do not fret, there are some very good low carb tortillas available very where and you can substitute them for the regular ones. Use whole wheat tortillas or even chapattis  to make the wraps an healthy hearty meal.

Impromptu guests?? Make some wraps and cut into bite size portions and serve as a quick snack.

Here are the recipes.

1.Oriental style wraps
  1. Chicken marinated in soya sauce, vinegar salt and pepper for a few hours
  2. Veggies of ur choice cut finely (carrot, capsicum, spring onions, bok choy)
  3. Hoisin sauce
  4. sweet chilli sauce/ chilli sauce(if you dont like sweetness in your wrap you can opt for the chilli sauce
  5.  rice paper/ tortilla or even iceberg lettuce if you are very diet concious.
Stirfry the chicken and veggies together. Add salt and vinegar to taste. Add some black pepper. Now divide the mixture equally and spread on the tortilla, wrap up enjoy. If you are using rice paper. Let the stir fried chicken and vegetables cool. Dip the rice paper in water for about two minutes till it is sticky and easy to roll. Now add the filling and wrap. Serve chilled with some spicy dipping sauce. Alternatively try this recipe with left over chilli chicken .
2. Mexican style wraps
1.Red kidney beans
2. Refried beans
3.Sweet corn
5.Salsa/picante sauce
7. Very finely chopped tomatoes, Onions and parsley
8. Tortillas
9. Jalapeños
Mix all the ingredients except the labneh and tortillas in a bowl. Add salt, pepper and some lemon juice.  To make the wraps assemble the above ingredients add labneh as desired and fold to enjoy these delicious wraps.
3. Mixed veg and vegan sausage wraps
mixed veggies frozen or fresh if desired(peas, finely chopped carrots and capsicum, sweetcorn)
quorn sausages
Barbecue sauce
Stirfry the veggies till done and then add the sausages…and then assemble wraps along with the sauces and finely sliced onions for a nice crunch. Skip the jalapeños if you are not big on spicy food.

4. Chicken tikka wraps


1. Left over chicken tikka (mostly any left over chicken would do)

2. Chopped green chillies as per taste

3. Chopped coriander

4. Mint chutney

5. Chilli garlic sauce

6. Chapatis or tortillas

Shred the chicken and mix all the ingredients in a bowl except the chutney and sauce. Put the mixture on a roti/ tortilla then drizzle then chutney and chilly garlic sauce as per taste, roll and enjoy.



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