Do you have an addictive personality?? Are you hopelessly addicted? Addiction is a condition that results when a person ingests a substance or engages in an activity that can be pleasurable but the continued use/act of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary life responsibilities, such as work, relationships, or health. Well it takes a lot to admit it but I do…I am hopelessly addicted. Hey Hey……please dont jump the gun, its not alcohol or drugs i am talking about here..its CANDY CRUSH  .I literally spend hours on my tab, phone the computer whatever I can get my hands on struggling to arrange the candies and finish the level. Lips  pursed, eye brows knit in a frown and completely oblivious to anything happening around me I go on arranging those candies. So deep is my concentration that anyone observing me would think I am definitely on some task to save mankind. Oh! the feeling of joy when the level is finally complete and if you are the top scorer then WHOOP WHOOP!!! But there is no time to rest on your laurels the next level is waiting and there you go again tackling the next level with fierce concentration in spite of your best intentions to stop this madness and do something more constructive.

Does anyone know of a candy crush rehab center or a candy crush anonymous?? Because i am completely hooked. My kids are fed up and i keep hearing “So candy crush is more important than us” in a very accusatory tone so often. My husband hides the tab and my children put passwords on their computers trying their best to dissuade me but it really doesn’t work as I have my phone. Sometime ago before I became a candy crush junkie, i was travelling with a friend and saw her playing candy crush most of the time and I looked at her in disdain and wondered what could be so wrong with her life?? The poor woman. And today I must be 200 levels ahead of her. 200 levels…do you even know the kind of time and effort that takes. I wish candy crush paid us something, I would be seriously rich by now.

In the supermarket the other day( yes i do manage to get SOMe things done) I saw a young girl following her mother around head bowed, deep in concentration.. on her phone. I don’t know why but i felt a certain kinship with the girl. I observed her many times as we zigzagged through the aisles and she barely looked up. When i was close enough i peeped into her phone and sure enough she was playing candy crush and I went AAAAAHHHHH!!! A fellow junkie. I wanted to high five her and ask her about the level she was on and if she had any special tricks or cheats for the difficult rounds. Thankfully sanity prevailed and I managed to walk away without scarring that kid for life.

A couple of days ago I met a friend for coffee, she was already waiting for me and as I approached the coffee shop I saw here on her phone. After saying hello, I went to get my own coffee and while I was waiting for my order i saw her on the phone again. When I got back to the table why wasn’t I surprised to see her playing candy crush??

Yesterday  became my worst nightmare, I out did myself. I could not pass a certain level of Candy Crush and I did what I swore I would NEVER do. I bought some boosters…with real money. I actually paid REAL MONEY to buy things for a game. It paid off immediately because within a few minutes I passed some difficult levels , but i felt like i had hit rock bottom in my life. What have I become? How did this happen? I am dreading the credit card statement now. Going to be extra sweet to my hubby for a while.

Dear people out there who haven’t  yet fallen into the trap yet, please stay away. DO NOT download candy crush on your phone in spite of the 100 odd requests you get in the day. Beware and stay away. As for me I’ve got to go now….level 689 beckons!!




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