AAAArrgghhhhhhhh cars have indicators for a reason!


Just came home after spending most of the day on the road. Driving kids around can be quite a task. I love driving but some days can be particularly annoying. How difficult is it for some people to understand cars have indicators and there’s a reason why they have them!!!  For those who think they are there to just make your car look pretty or fancy…NOPE, NOT AT ALL. They are there to let the person in front of you know in which direction you are going. TO INDICATE yeah indicators indicate your intention of going left or right. Please do not expect me to have some premonition that you are going to change lanes and come right in front of me, please let me know by using your   indicator ( along with some common sense) please.

Its scary to be driving at a certain speed and have some one just change lanes and come right in front of you. Seriously with the kind of accidents we see, I think we can’t be safe enough. Its also a courtesy we should extend to the fellow drivers on the road. It certainly doesn’t cost us anything to be courteous does it??

But there are another kind of infuriating drivers out there. The kind of people who think i have given my indicator just out of fun. they will neither slow down not will they speed up to let you pass but just continue to drive right along you. Big deal if you have to turn. Thats not their problem is it? You are supposed to miraculously find a way to turn when a car is moving along and effectively blocking you from turning. I mean don’t you get  I HAVE TO TURN. MY INDICATOR IS NOT ON FOR FUN!!! Its so annoying really.

Its a little thing ..just a flick of your fingers and your indicator is on. Sometimes ignoring these little things can turn bad. I am sure all of us have witnessed horrible accidents. So lets value our lives as well as of the other people driving on the roads and drive as carefully as we can.



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